Learn JavaScript In A Long Weekend

JavaScript Fundamentals

Intensive 3-day course for professional developers.

learnjavascript.london is running an intensive three-day JavaScript course from October 20th 2017 entitled Intensive JavaScript Fundamentals in Shoreditch, London.

This is a course for developers who would like to get the best possible grounding in JavaScript fundamentals.

This course is ideal for developers who would like to improve their understanding of JavaScript as it emerges as a key component of the technical landscape.

Mastering this knowledge will position you to take advantage of a growing ecosystem of highly-paid job opportunities.

Topics covered include...

  • Object-oriented and functional development in JavaScript
  • Statements and expressions, closures, hoisting, scope, context
  • Call, apply, bind
  • Built-in objects
  • Prototypical inheritance
  • The event loop
  • Patterns for modularisation, visibility control and re-use
  • Modern testing techniques
  • Exposure to the best parts of ES2015+ (modern JavaScript)
  • Exposure to React and Redux
  • Exposure to Node.js and Express
View the complete syllabus here.


Delegates should already have some experience with programming to get the most out of this course.

Further information about the instructor, venue and course availability is shown below.

Course Overview

Intensive JavaScript Fundamentals is a highly engaging course covering all the key areas of JavaScript.

The course is divided into 45-minute lessons each covering a different area of the language and its use. Before every lesson we discuss a snippet of JavaScript highlighting an important or subtle part of the language.

On the final day, delegates will complete two pieces of hands-on classwork, covering both client and server-side (Node.jsĀ®) development.

Digital copies of the information presented during the course are provided for delegates to download.

The complete syllabus can be seen here.

Meet your Instructor

This course is run by freelance professional developer and open-source contributor Ben Aston (LinkedIn, GitHub).

Ben has been developing software professionaly for over ten years. During that time he has worked with a variety of programming languages including Java, C# and JavaScript, developing systems for the Army, governmental organisations and large dot-com companies. His most recent achievement was working on the team that developed a new HTML5 trading platform for HSBC Investment Bank in London.

Ben says: "I help students learn faster by breaking complex topics down into concise and understandable pieces. I aim to work with my students' preferred learning style while keeping things fun and sharing my enthusiasm for JavaScript!".

Ben has extensive experience of developing applications using JavaScript and a deep understanding of the language. Combined with an easy communication style, Ben guides students through the learning experience at their own pace.

For an example of Ben's explanatory style, check out his blog post on value types and reference types in JavaScript, or this introductory piece on the history of JavaScript.

The Venue

The Intensive JavaScript Fundamentals course is run at our classroom on Judd Street, Kings Cross, London.

Students must bring their own laptop to take part in this course.

94 Judd Street, Kings Cross, London, WC1H 9NT

Course Dates

The course will be run on the following dates:

Date Duration Course Title Spaces Remaining Cost (per delegate)
Fri. 20th Oct. - Sun. 22nd Oct.
3 days (0900 - 1830 approx.) Intensive JavaScript Fundamentals 5 spaces remaining £499.00
Date Spaces Cost (per delegate)
20th Oct. 2017 - 22nd Oct. 2017 5 spaces remaining £499.00

If you would like to book a place on the course, or you need further information, please send an email to ben@learnjavascript.london.

Full terms and conditions of business are available here.